Soot blower set 2

Soot blower set 2

Soot blower set 2


Soot blower set 2 9650/SB2 consists of a combination of Araflon A 6426 packing rings and Rotatherm 0901/B7 precompressed pure graphite rings.


  • High adaptability to the seal environment
  • Extremely resistant to abrasive particles

Operating range

Pressure: p = 100 bar,
Sliding velocity: vg = 2 m/s

  • Steam: tmax= +250°C

Chemical resistance: pH = 2 ... 12
Recommended for use in abrasive media.


9650/SB1 (Isartherm 6011/A and Rotatherm die-pressed graphite rings)


EagleBurgmann soot blower packing sets reliably seal the lance, even while it is moving into or out of the exhaust gas flow. It reliably contains both the hot exhaust gases and the ash particles. The soot blower packing set is made up of specially preshaped and alternately arranged types of material, ensuring leakage control despite high temperature differences. It also reduces deflection of the lance, i.e. the packing set acts as a bearing to a certain extent. Deposits on the lance are also largely stripped off during the movement, maintaining long-term serviceability.

Forms of supply

  • Custom-made packing sets
  • Made to order