New seals, new face material

Millions of MG1 elastomer bellows seals have been in use for more than 35 years. It has become established as the worldwide leading shaft seal standard for pumps in diverse applications. Excellent reliability, robust design and high cost effectiveness are the essential characteristics of the MG series by EagleBurgmann.

The compatible one: eMG1

The latest eMG1 generation sets new standards again: an optimized seal design and innovative details guarantee maximum safety and reliability.

The new eMG1 is 100 % compatible with the proven MG1 and can be replaced one-to-one. This permits immediate use of all the advantages. Customized dimensional adjustments and additional stationary seat geometries are possible as option.

The compact one: eMG

The new eMG is unbeatable when it comes to compact seal installation spaces of pumps with consistent requirements. Even with a reduced installation length of 20 %, the eMG has the same technical features as the eMG1.

The short installation length also opens new perspectives in the construction of new pumps. Standard seat of the eMG is type G6 - also very short in lengths.

Customized dimensional adjustments and additional stationary seat geometries are possible as option.

Innovative face material: eSiC

The eMG1 and eMG can be supplied in numerous material combinations. The program now includes the new optimized face material eSic-Q7 series. A powerful face material optimized towards friction and wear with hydrodynamic properties.

In practice this means up to 50 % longer operating periods, expanded emergency running properties and reduced power consumption. Long-term tests performed at the customer‘s site confirm the efficiency.

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Details about the eMG1
Details about the eMG1

Additional information about the eMG1 can be found here...

Details about the eMG
Details about the eMG

Additional information about the eMG can be found here...

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NEW! Download STP-Files

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